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Can I buy contracts with 100 yuan on Huobi?

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Huobi Futures allows you to use 100 yuan to open a contract, with no minimum deposit requirement. A margin needs to be paid based on the contract type and leverage multiple. The higher the margin requirement, the greater the leverage multiple. For example, use 100 yuan to open a 10x leveraged BTCUSD contract, with a margin of 10 USD, a contract quantity of 0.1 lots, and control of a Bitcoin contract worth 1,000 USD. However, contract trading involves high risks, so please use leverage with caution.

Can I buy contracts with 100 yuan on Huobi?

Can I buy contracts with 100 yuan on Huobi?

Answer: Yes

Detailed explanation:

Huobi Futures allows users to use less principal to enlarge trading leverage and obtain higher returns.

Minimum deposit requirement:

No minimum deposit requirement, you can deposit any amount, including 100 yuan.

Margin requirements:

A margin is required to open a position, and the requirements vary depending on the contract type and leverage multiple. Generally, the higher the leverage, the higher the margin requirement.

Contract size:

Each contract variety has a predefined contract size, for example, the BTCUSD contract is $100. By opening 1 contract, you control $100 worth of Bitcoin contracts.


Use 100 yuan to open a BTCUSD contract with a leverage of 10.

  • Margin requirement: 100 USD/10 = 10 USD
  • Contract size: 100 USD
  • Contract quantity: 10 USD (margin) / 100 USD (contract size) = 0.1 lots

0.1 BTCUSD contracts can be opened , with a leverage of 10, controls a Bitcoin contract worth $1,000.


  • Contract trading is highly risky and should only be conducted based on a full understanding of the risks and trading experience.
  • Leverage magnifies returns and risks, so use leverage with caution.
  • Regularly pay attention to margin requirements and position profits and losses to avoid liquidation.

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