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How to become a VIP on Dianping

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Do you also want to participate in Dianping’s free tasting event and enjoy the fun of eating, drinking and having fun? This article will give you a detailed understanding of how to apply for VIP on Dianping and quickly upgrade. PHP editor Yuzai will provide you with a step-by-step guide, covering all the information you need, from registering as a VIP member to accumulating points to upgrade to a senior member. By reading this article, you will learn all the secrets to enjoy exclusive discounts on Dianping.

How to become a VIP on Dianping

Dianping VIP privilege acquisition skills and upgrade methods list

Method 1

1. First, we click Enter the software interface and click [Contact Customer Service].

How to become a VIP on Dianping

#2. Then enter the interface and click [All Business].

How to become a VIP on Dianping

#3. Finally enter the interface and click [VIP Application] to apply to become a VIP.

How to become a VIP on DianpingHow to become a VIP on Dianping

Method 2

Friends who are already VIPs can share VIP privileges with other friends. After sharing, complete the evaluation task to obtain VIP status. Enjoy VIP privileges!

How to become a VIP on Dianping

2. Dianping VIP upgrade tips sharing

1. Submit high-quality reviews: write detailed and practical reviews, including food taste, environment, service, etc. aspects of evaluation. High-quality reviews can not only increase your personal influence, but also provide valuable references for other users, thus increasing your contribution value and helping to improve your ranking.

2. Actively participate in discussions and interactions: Actively participate in interactions in the discussion area of ​​Dianping, answer questions, and express opinions. This will not only increase your activity and influence on the platform, but also increase your contribution value.

3. Follow and collect: Follow your favorite restaurants, shopping malls and other places, and collect interesting dishes, activities, etc. This will make it easier for you to find and understand relevant information at any time, while also increasing your activity and contribution value.

4. Complete tasks and activities: Dianping will regularly launch various tasks and activities, such as checking in, inviting friends, etc. Actively participating in and completing these tasks and activities will not only earn points or rewards, but also increase your activity and contribution value, helping to improve your level.

5. Maintain a good credit record: When using Dianping, abide by the platform rules, be honest and trustworthy, and do not publish false information or maliciously attack other users. A good credit history will help you maintain and improve your rating.

6. Participate in free store visits: Dianping often holds free store visits. You can actively participate in these activities. Not only will you have the opportunity to taste delicious food for free, but it will also increase your activity and contribution value.

Warm reminder: Please note that the upgrade will take a certain amount of time, because Dianping will conduct a comprehensive evaluation based on user evaluations, contributions and other factors. At the same time, no matter which method is used to upgrade, you must abide by the rules and requirements of Dianping, and any illegal behavior must not be used to upgrade the level.

How to become a VIP on Dianping

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