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How is the Wuhuami New Gesar Thangka? Analysis of the strength of the Wuhuami New Gesar Thangka

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How about Wuhuami New Gesar Thangka? Monohana Mishin Gesar Thangka is a physical damage character, and its attack range is also very high. Many friends still don’t know what the Wu Hua Mi New Gesar Thangka is like. The following is an analysis of the strength of the Wu Hua Mi New Gesar Thangka. Let’s take a look.

物华弥新格萨尔唐卡怎么样 物华弥新格萨尔唐卡强度解析

What about Wuhuami’s new Gesar thangka

Customizer: Gesar thangka

CV: Green Qi

Occupation: Long-distance attack

Department: Information Department

1. Profile of the implementer

The appearance of the implementer is an old lady riding a horse, kind, Kind, fond of photography and good at listening. Because it is a painting whose main purpose is to tell a story, "The Life of King Gesar" is extremely rich in Tibetan Buddhism. The author also believes deeply in Buddhism, is willing to cultivate his moral character, and is very good at telling stories. She has a rich reserve of knowledge, a peaceful personality, and needs a certain amount of free time to travel around, so she is recommended to join the Information Department.

物华弥新格萨尔唐卡怎么样 物华弥新格萨尔唐卡强度解析

2. Skill introduction

1. Regular attack: Singing

Causes 100% of own attack power to the selected target unit physical damage.

物华弥新格萨尔唐卡怎么样 物华弥新格萨尔唐卡强度解析

2. Professional Skill: Heroic Chapter

After using it, you will get 1 immovable re-action and enter the aiming state.

Aiming: When attacking in this state, the maximum attack distance is increased by 4 blocks. After the action is completed, this state disappears.

物华弥新格萨尔唐卡怎么样 物华弥新格萨尔唐卡强度解析

3. Special Skill: Snapshot

Inflicts 200%/220%/240% of its own attack power on the selected enemy. Damage, and slightly delays its action; at the same time, its speed is reduced by 20/40/60, and the effect lasts for 2 rounds.

物华弥新格萨尔唐卡怎么样 物华弥新格萨尔唐卡强度解析

3. Origin introduction

Gesar Thangka of the Qing Dynasty, a total of 11 paintings, each of which shows a story about King Gesar A character, and corresponding plots are drawn around the character. Each is independent, but connected to form a complete epic. It fluently and vividly explains the life of the Tibetan epic hero King Gesar, and becomes a very wonderful " The Biography of Gesar. Thangka is a painting on canvas in Tibetan culture. This set of Gesar Thangka is the most complete set of Thangkas with King Gesar as the theme. Now stored in Sichuan Museum.

物华弥新格萨尔唐卡怎么样 物华弥新格萨尔唐卡强度解析

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