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New product release: MSI MAG PANO 100L PZ chassis, dual 160mm fans for powerful heat dissipation

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News came out on May 22 that MSI’s previously highly anticipated MAG PANO 100L PZ “Black Blade/White Blade PLUS” mid-tower chassis has been recently launched on overseas official websites. This chassis continues the MSI family-style design language. The 270° side transparency and unique beveled glass design give it a high degree of recognition. The three-dimensional size of the chassis is 290518.7482mm, and it can support back-plugged ATX motherboards, providing good hardware compatibility.

This is an innovative dual-compartment device designed with MAG+PANO+100L+PZ chassis. It not only supports horizontal installation of graphics cards, but also allows vertical installation, providing more flexibility for hardware installation. The LED LOGO light effect on the inside and bottom of the chassis adds a touch of technological beauty to the whole machine.

新品发布:微星MAG PANO 100L PZ机箱,双160mm风扇强效散热

The internal design of this chassis is also quite user-friendly, providing 90mm of cable routing space to facilitate user cable management. At the same time, the top, bottom and right side are equipped with removable dust screens, which effectively prevent dust from entering the interior of the chassis and ensure the clean and stable operation of the hardware. In terms of storage, the chassis provides three 2.5-inch hard drive bays and two 3.5/2.5-inch compatible hard drive bays to meet the user's expansion needs.

In terms of hardware compatibility, MAG+PANO 100L PZ can support CPU radiators up to 166mm, graphics cards up to 380mm long, and power supplies up to 200mm long, showing strong hardware accommodation capabilities. In addition, the chassis also provides a variety of fan installation positions, including the top, bottom, right side of the motherboard, and tail. It supports the installation of fans of various sizes, and even supports "hamburger" installation. It provides a 360° cold radiator for heat dissipation. Great convenience.

新品发布:微星MAG PANO 100L PZ机箱,双160mm风扇强效散热

The I/O panel of the chassis is cleverly designed on the lower left, including 1 USB Type-C 20Gbps interface, 2 USB Type-A 5Gbps interfaces and 1 A 3.5mm two-in-one audio jack meets the various needs of users for daily use. MSI MAG PANO 100L PZ chassis will undoubtedly provide a new choice for users who pursue both high performance and aesthetics.

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