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How to get coupons for the 2024 Douyin Mall 618 Goods Festival? When will Douyin Mall have coupons?

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How to get coupons for the 2024 Douyin Mall 618 Goods Festival? When will Douyin Mall have coupons?

As an emerging e-commerce platform, Douyin Mall has gradually become a new choice for consumers to shop with its huge user base and accurate recommendation algorithm. With the arrival of the 618 Good Things Festival in 2024, Douyin Mall has launched a variety of promotional activities and coupons to attract users to participate. However, many users still don’t know much about how to claim these coupons and when they can get more offers.

1. How to get coupons for the 2024 Douyin Mall 618 Goods Festival?

1. Pay attention to the official announcement

Douyin Mall will release the specific time and method of coupon collection through official channels before the 618 Good Things Festival. Users should pay close attention.

2. Log in to Douyin Mall

Users need to log in to their Douyin account and enter the Douyin Mall page, which is a prerequisite for receiving coupons.

3. Search for coupons

Enter "618 coupons" or related keywords in the Douyin Mall search bar to find a list of coupons that can be collected.

4. Participate in interactive activities

Douyin Mall may issue coupons through interactive games, quizzes, draws, etc. Users will have the opportunity to obtain them if they participate.

5. Pay attention to stores and products

Many stores will issue exclusive store coupons during 618. Pay attention to the stores and products of interest in advance to get coupon information as soon as possible.

6. Use Douyin App

Generally, it is easier to obtain coupons by participating in activities through Douyin App than on the web version, so it is recommended to use the App to receive it.

7. Sharing activities

Some coupon activities require users to share them with friends, and the qualifications can be unlocked through sharing.

8. Set reminder

You can set the notification reminder function of Douyin App to avoid missing the coupon issuance time.

9. Pay attention to the conditions for using the coupon

After receiving the coupon, the user should carefully read the conditions for using the coupon, such as the full discount limit, validity period, applicable products, etc.

10. Avoid missing the time

Coupons are usually issued at a specific time, and users need to complete the collection within the specified time. Missing the time may cause the coupon to become invalid.

2. When will Douyin Mall have coupons?

1. Holiday Promotion

Douyin Mall will provide coupons during major festivals or traditional e-commerce platform promotion days (such as 618, Double 11, etc.).

2. When a new store opens or new products are launched

In order to attract users’ attention, Douyin Mall may issue coupons when a new store opens or new products are launched.

3. Store Anniversary Celebration

During the store anniversary celebration, merchants may give back to users by issuing coupons.

4. User birthday

Douyin Mall may issue exclusive coupons in the month of the user’s birthday as part of user care.

5. Random distribution

Douyin Mall sometimes randomly distributes coupons to users as a measure to improve user experience.

6. Participate in the questionnaire

After users participate in the questionnaire on Douyin Mall, they may receive coupons as rewards.

7. Member-exclusive discounts

Member users of Douyin Mall may receive member-exclusive coupons regularly.

8. Follow the official account

The official account of Douyin Mall sometimes releases coupon information, and users can learn about it in time after following it.

Douyin Mall 618 Good Things Festival is a shopping carnival festival. Through the above method, users can receive rich coupons and enjoy the benefits of shopping. At the same time, understanding the general issuance timing of Douyin Mall coupons can help users better plan their shopping and not miss every discount opportunity.

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