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How to authorize and promote soda music? How to authorize and promote

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If you want to increase the influence of your soda music account and expand your fan base, promotion and licensing is an essential way. Want to know how to carry out authorized promotion? PHP editor Xigua has compiled a detailed guide for soda music licensing and promotion for you. After reading this article, you will understand the process, precautions and techniques of authorized promotion, which will help you easily achieve your promotion goals and make your soda music account stand out.

汽水音乐怎么授权推广 授权推广的操作方法

Soft Drink Music Application Promotion

1. Search "StAR Talent Program" on Douyin.

2. Find the "STAR Plan Massive Mission Recruitment" activity and click to participate immediately.

3. Click on the registration form, fill in the registration form, fill in the relevant information according to the content of the form, and then wait for approval.

汽水音乐怎么授权推广 授权推广的操作方法

How can 0 fans of soda music promote and make money?

1. Establish a team: You can set up a team, and then share promotion links to social media, forums and other channels to promote through the power of the team.

2. Make short videos: You can make short videos and publish them on major short video platforms to attract users through short videos.

3. Participate in activities: You can participate in various activities organized by Soda Music officials or partners, and attract users by participating in activities.

4. Set promotion fees: You can set promotion fees on platforms such as Douyin to attract users through paid promotion.

5. Continuously expand the matrix: The matrix can be continuously expanded to attract more users to download and use soda music, thereby achieving the purpose of making money.

汽水音乐怎么授权推广 授权推广的操作方法

Soft Drink Music 0 Fan Promotion Tips

The first one is that the two groups born in the 1980s and 1990s are most likely to be nostalgic. They must If you are familiar with the past, the acceptance rate is very high. These two groups also account for a very large proportion of the population on Douyin, and it is very easy for them to become popular in terms of traffic.

The second one is b g m which has become popular recently on Douyin. Make them into a playlist and take advantage of these popular traffic.

The third one is the popular TV series, such as Kuangbiao, a TV series that has recently become popular all over the Internet. The songs and songs in it are all hot. These are the traffic. If you don’t want to show your face and shoot videos, but also want to make some extra money every month, then soda music is a very good choice.

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