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10 complete small projects in Python to teach you crawlers + data analysis + data visualization

Introduction >
Chapter1Project one

Python captures pictures of girls from the beautiful gallery

03 minutes21 seconds
Chapter2Project 2

Grab recruitment information

37 minutes26 seconds
Chapter3Item three

Easy and simple explanation of recursion and small recursion cases

52 minutes32 seconds
Chapter4Item 4

Simple analysis of lottery data

43 minutes04 seconds
Chapter5Item five

Use python automation tool selenium to capture 51job recruitment information

57 minutes16 seconds
Chapter6Item six

binary search

23 minutes57 seconds
Chapter7Item 7

maze problem

41 minutes59 seconds
Chapter8Item eight

Do movie box office

53 minutes06 seconds
Chapter9Item nine

dry flask

44 minutes27 seconds
Chapter10Item ten

Data visualization display

39 minutes11 seconds
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