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Geek Academy javascript video tutorial

Introduction >
Chapter1JavaScript Basics

Introduction to Javascript

08 minutes09 seconds

Javascript syntax and comments

06 minutes51 seconds

Javascript variables and data types

09 minutes29 seconds
Chapter2Detailed explanation of JavaScript syntax

Javascript operators (1)

13 minutes47 seconds

Javascript operators (2)

08 minutes09 seconds

Javascript conditional statement if...else

04 minutes55 seconds

Javascript conditional statement switch

03 minutes53 seconds

Javascript loop statement for loop

04 minutes46 seconds

Javascript loop statement while loop

02 minutes41 seconds

Javascript jump statement

02 minutes34 seconds
Chapter3JavaScript function

Javascript functions - understand what functions do

04 minutes32 seconds

Javascript function - define function

03 minutes34 seconds

Javascript function-call function

03 minutes27 seconds

Javascript function - function with parameters

05 minutes50 seconds

Javascript function - function with return value

06 minutes40 seconds

Javascript functions - local variables and global variables

04 minutes31 seconds
Chapter4JavaScript exception handling and events

Javascript exception catching

08 minutes22 seconds

Javascript events

12 minutes48 seconds
Chapter5JavaScript DOM object

Introduction to Javascript-DOM

02 minutes36 seconds

Javascript-DOM manipulation HTML

09 minutes51 seconds

Javascript-DOM manipulation CSS

03 minutes38 seconds

Javascript-DOM EventListener

07 minutes57 seconds
Chapter6Detailed explanation of JavaScript events

Detailed explanation of JS events-event flow

03 minutes03 seconds

Detailed explanation of JS events-event processing

14 minutes09 seconds

Detailed explanation of JS events-event objects

09 minutes12 seconds
Chapter7JavaScript built-in objects

JS built-in objects - what are objects

08 minutes47 seconds

JS built-in object-String string object

09 minutes39 seconds

JS built-in object-Date date object

08 minutes15 seconds

JS built-in object-Array array object

07 minutes24 seconds

JS built-in object-Math object

03 minutes49 seconds
Chapter8JavaScript DOM object

Detailed explanation of JSDOM object control of HTML elements-1

11 minutes34 seconds

Detailed explanation of JSDOM object control of HTML elements-2

10 minutes34 seconds
Chapter9JavaScript browser object

JS browser object-window object

07 minutes44 seconds

JS browser object-timer

09 minutes22 seconds

JS browser object-History object

07 minutes12 seconds

JS browser object-Location object

04 minutes13 seconds

JS browser object-Screen object

01 minutes57 seconds
Chapter10Javascript waterfall

JS waterfall flow effect-layout

17 minutes28 seconds

JS waterfall flow effect-1

12 minutes29 seconds

JS waterfall flow effect-2

Chapter11Detailed explanation of JavaScript object-oriented

JS object-oriented - understanding object-oriented

06 minutes34 seconds

JS object-oriented - JS object-oriented (1)

10 minutes48 seconds

JS object-oriented - JS object-oriented (2)

07 minutes16 seconds
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