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CodeIgniter3 (CI3) basic tutorial (full)

Introduction >
Chapter1CI introduction and configuration

Introduction to CI

10 minutes21 seconds

CI installation and configuration

04 minutes39 seconds
Chapter2CI directory structure and database operations

CI directory structure and multi-module organization form

14 minutes30 seconds

Simple database operations (CRUD) for CI

16 minutes46 seconds
Chapter3Controller, view and model in CI


07 minutes13 seconds

Controllers in CI

08 minutes12 seconds

Reserved words in CI

07 minutes15 seconds

Views in CI

24 minutes12 seconds

Model in CI

09 minutes02 seconds

Helper auxiliary development function in CI

11 minutes16 seconds

The use of Librart in CI

18 minutes42 seconds
Chapter4CI creates system core classes and subsidiary classes

Create system core classes

10 minutes43 seconds

Create subsidiary classes

16 minutes37 seconds
Chapter5Hooks and routing

CI hook

19 minutes16 seconds

Autoloading in CI

09 minutes42 seconds

Common methods in CI

06 minutes34 seconds

CI routing

27 minutes07 seconds
Chapter6Error handling and log output

Error handling and log output in CI

Output caching in CI

10 minutes27 seconds

Program analysis in CI

CLI application

Chapter7Database operations

Database configuration and connection

22 minutes06 seconds

Simple database query operation

27 minutes34 seconds
Chapter8Summary of basic tutorials


33 minutes02 seconds



Call database-specific functions and stored procedures

Query cache

Database maintenance and database tools




Cart shopping cart class

21 minutes09 seconds

Config class

08 minutes44 seconds


06 minutes14 seconds


helper and summary

23 minutes57 seconds
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