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A must-know tool for product managers-Axure

Introduction >
Chapter1Axure video tutorial (1)

Axure wireframe

24 minutes26 seconds

D2 Axure High Fidelity 1

25 minutes48 seconds

D3 Axure High Definition 2

17 minutes31 seconds

D4 Advanced Tutorial Instructions

09 minutes37 seconds

Example: WeChat-Login

18 minutes40 seconds

Example: WeChat-Chat session

30 minutes00 seconds

Example: WeChat-Moments

39 minutes30 seconds

Example: WeChat-Address Book

18 minutes48 seconds

Example: WeChat-make the page move

17 minutes37 seconds

Knowledge: RP8 dynamic panel (carousel)

18 minutes19 seconds
Chapter2Axure video tutorial (2)

Knowledge: RP9 dynamic panel (carousel)

10 minutes14 seconds

Knowledge: RP8 dynamic panel (page sliding)

19 minutes28 seconds

Knowledge: Axure9 new features

33 minutes25 seconds

Knowledge: The difference between the 4 styles of buttons

05 minutes09 seconds

Knowledge: 4 interactive effects of buttons

05 minutes28 seconds

Small production: how to embed video (simulating station b)

10 minutes45 seconds

Small production: shadow design effect (embossed button)

Small production: drop down the menu on the left to close

17 minutes02 seconds

Small production: Douyin scrolling comments

12 minutes42 seconds

Small production: spinning records

Question: How to modify the default font

04 minutes50 seconds

Question: How to improve page switching speed

05 minutes44 seconds

Question: How to retrieve file backup

04 minutes37 seconds
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