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Basic introduction to thinkphp and basic introduction to yii2

Introduction >
Chapter1ThinkPHP overview and configuration

ThinkPHP framework overview

07 minutes42 seconds

Program directory structure and MVC layered architecture

05 minutes54 seconds

ThinkPHP configuration

07 minutes13 seconds
Chapter2ThinkPHP Controller

ThinkPHP Controller (1): Definition

07 minutes34 seconds

ThinkPHP Controller (2): URL

08 minutes04 seconds

ThinkPHP Controller (3): Jump and AJAX data return

04 minutes47 seconds

ThinkPHP Controller (4): Get input variables

03 minutes38 seconds
Chapter3Getting Started with Yii2 Framework

YII 2.0 framework introduction

05 minutes08 seconds

YII 2.0 framework deployment

08 minutes02 seconds

YII 2.0 framework to run applications

04 minutes47 seconds
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