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Smarty Template Engine (Boolean Education)

Introduction >
Chapter1Basic knowledge of Smarty template engine

Smarty template_1. Learning method

05 minutes10 seconds

Smarty template_2. Keep the front-end sister

17 minutes14 seconds

Smarty template_3, mini class

14 minutes47 seconds

Smarty template_4, basic use 01

16 minutes14 seconds

Smarty template_5, basic use 02

14 minutes49 seconds

Smarty template_6, loop, judgment, operation

15 minutes45 seconds

Smarty template_7, template compilation and variable adjuster

15 minutes15 seconds

Smarty template_8, the difference between display and fetch and the introduction of templates

12 minutes18 seconds

Smarty template_9. Turn on caching

12 minutes57 seconds

Smarty template_10, use cache

14 minutes14 seconds

Smarty Template_11, The Sorrow of Template Engine

10 minutes30 seconds

Smarty template_12, MVC and smarty

19 minutes39 seconds
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