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Geek Academy PHP video tutorial

Introduction >
Chapter1basic introduction

History of PHP

03 minutes44 seconds

Advantages of PHP

04 minutes04 seconds

Explanation of terms related to PHP

05 minutes00 seconds
Chapter2Development environment setup

Integrated development environment required to develop PHP

05 minutes32 seconds

Build a PHP integrated development environment on Windows platform

08 minutes47 seconds

Build a PHP integrated development environment on the MacOSX platform

08 minutes13 seconds

Build a PHP integrated development environment on the Linux platform

13 minutes39 seconds
Chapter3Deploy PHP code

Deploy PHP code to a standalone host

13 minutes16 seconds

Deploy PHP code to SAE

Deploy PHP code to BAE

05 minutes41 seconds
Chapter4Grammar basics

PHP tags

07 minutes13 seconds

Constants and variables

05 minutes06 seconds


08 minutes50 seconds

process control

13 minutes36 seconds


07 minutes20 seconds

logic operation

05 minutes59 seconds
Chapter5Common Functions

PHP string

09 minutes28 seconds

PHP array

08 minutes52 seconds

include 与 require

07 minutes58 seconds

Introduction to classes and namespaces

14 minutes42 seconds

Member methods and class methods

06 minutes38 seconds

Class inheritance and method overriding

06 minutes31 seconds
Chapter7Commonly used library functions

time and date

09 minutes36 seconds

Operations on JSON format data

09 minutes41 seconds

File operations

13 minutes14 seconds

Generate pictures

08 minutes41 seconds

Image watermarking example

Chapter8PHP session management

The concepts and differences between Cookies and Sessions

03 minutes43 seconds

Manipulating Cookies

07 minutes16 seconds

Operation Session

05 minutes42 seconds
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