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Should we use SSG to deploy dashboards created with Nuxt.js?

We will develop a dashboard for internal use using Nuxt.js. Since this will be an internal dashboard, no universal schema is required. Generally most dashboards are developed in SPA.

But SPA also requires the server to send the initial HTML and js packages to the browser. So what if we use SSG and deploy it to s3 as it no longer requires a server and we can save costs?

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    P粉8385635232024-04-07 00:28:18

    You can absolutely target: 'static' and ssr: false and deploy your application to Netlify for free. You don't need a Node.js server as you will only be serving static JS files (generated during build). So just a CDN is enough (basically Netlify).

    Also, are you using other parts of Nuxt here? The main benefit of Nuxt is the universal pattern. Of course, it has other advantages, but if you want to be faster, you can use Vitesse or vanilla Vue3 (Nuxt3 allows using Vue3, Nuxt2 only focuses on Vue2).

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