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How to add correct type for ColumnSlots body function from PrimeVue

This is PrimeVue ColumnSlots (shortened) from Column.d.ts

export interface ColumnSlots {
     * Custom body template.
     * @param {Object} scope - body slot's params.
    body: (scope: {
         * Row data.
        data: any;
         * Column node.
        column: Column;
         * Column field.
        field: string;
         * Row index.
        index: number;
         * Whether the row is frozen.
        frozenRow: boolean;
    }) => VNode[];

This is my function, I will receive the body type from ColumnSlots

function myFunction(slotProps: Parameters<ColumnSlots["body"]>) {
    const correctTypes = slotProps[0]

This is what I currently have, but slotProps should be of type CorrectTypes.

I get slotProps as an array, what I should get is the type of the array member.

How do I declare this in typescript? Am I handling this the right way? I feel like I'm pretty close, but I might be on the wrong track.

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  • P粉180844619

    P粉1808446192024-04-07 00:24:41

    Well I did this a minute after writing the question and it worked...
    Still not sure if this is the best approach, but I'll post it anyway in case someone finds it useful.

    function myFunction(slotProps: Parameters) {
        const correctTypes = slotProps

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