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How to implement paging list only visible to friends?

How to make WeChat Moments visible only to friends? I want to make a paged talk list. Some talks are only visible to friends, and some are visible to everyone. How to implement this? It needs to be paginated

NineNine764 days ago822

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  • 黑白

    黑白2022-05-11 10:39:38

    Talk about the different permissions in the list~ If only friends can see it, then where subselect

  • Nine

    What are the specific ideas?

    Nine · 2022-05-11 10:41:35
  • autoload

    autoload2022-05-11 09:26:50

    You can just filter it when you take out the talk list

  • Nine

    Take them all out? Or take the number of pages each time?

    Nine · 2022-05-11 09:28:07

    When fetching data, don't you filter the conditions first and then paginate?

    autoload · 2022-05-11 09:37:59

    How to filter

    Nine · 2022-05-11 10:40:35
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