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Please tell me how to change the login password of Xiaoniao Cloud Linux cloud server.

How to change the login password of Xiaoniao Cloud Linux cloud server? On this basis, is there any simple way to improve the security factor of cloud servers?

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  • 特网科技

    特网科技2021-11-05 12:57:52

    Change the server password in cloud host management Reference: https://www.56dr.com/help/article/47.html

  • yntdx

    yntdx2021-11-05 09:22:55

    Linux is generally operated and configured using commands. You can download pietty, enter the server IP, and click Connect to enter the username and password. The username is usually root, and the password is set by yourself. After successful login , you can debug the server. When I use Xiaoniao Cloud Server, I enhance security by modifying the ssh login configuration: Open the ssh configuration file vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config#Modify the following items Port 10000#Change the SSH port, preferably to more than 10000, others can scan it The port probability will also decrease. The firewall must open the configured port number. If it is an Alibaba Cloud server, you also need to go to the Alibaba Cloud backend to configure and develop the corresponding port, otherwise you will not be able to log in! If you find it troublesome, you don’t need to change Protocol 2# to disable the version 1 protocol. Because of its design flaws, the password can easily be hacked. PermitRootLogin no#Do not allow Root login under any circumstances. After it takes effect, we cannot log in directly as root. We need to log in with a normal account, and then use su to switch to the root account. Pay attention to su and su - There is a little difference. The key lies in the difference in environment variables. The environment variables of su - are more comprehensive. PermitEmptyPasswords no#Prohibit empty password login. Finally, you need to restart the sshd service service sshd restart

  • autoload

    autoload2021-11-04 13:57:04

    Why are so many people using Xiaoniaoyun? I feel like there are quite a lot of people using this

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