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What is the reason why the server cannot ping?

The ping value of the network, that is, the time value, reflects the request sent from the local machine to the remote server. After the remote server receives the request,

returns a confirmation signal to the local machine. This entire process requires The time, in ms. The larger the time, the longer the time and the slower the network speed. This transmission speed is not only related to the network quality of the remote server, but also to the quality of the local network where the test is conducted. If there is a local network problem or the machine is poisoned or the resource usage is too high, even though the remote server network is normal, ping may still be abnormal. Therefore, if there is a problem with pinging the hosting server, it is recommended to use different places to test the test points in our computer room, and the majority of the test results shall prevail.

IP and domain names often encounter ping failure during daily use. There are many reasons for ping failure, such as routing setting problems, such as

network problems. Here are some reasons:

1. Trying to ping the gateway as soon as the network cable is plugged into the switch, ignoring the spanning tree convergence time;

2. Some router ports do not allow users to ping;

3. Access control and multi-route load balancing scenarios;

4. The network delay between devices is too large, causing ICM Echo messages to fail to be received within the default time (2 seconds). Use extended ping and increase the timed out time. If the ping succeeds, the routing delay is too high.

5. When NAT is introduced, it will cause one-way ping and extended Ping of the specified source address;

6. IP address allocation is discontinuous. TG;li9047

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