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Brother Zhu Chat: How do PHP programmers memorize code?

Many friends on the php Chinese website should know that when Brother Zhu learned programming, he had many twists and turns and gave up several times. Today, I am catching a cold and don’t want to work, so I will share with you how I memorized it more than 10 years ago. of code words.

From the first time I came into contact with programming-related books, I felt that I had nothing to do with programming in my life.

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6: My steps for memorizing code are as follows: 1. First, organize the code, grammar, and description into a table in markdown format on Youdao Cloud Notes---for easy review, use, and reference. 2. Then split the screen on the PC, with the note code on the left and sublime3 on the right (now I use vscode, don’t ask me why I don’t use PHPstorm, because writing PHP, Python, Vue, and small programs on vscode is very smooth)

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  • Alan

    Alan2020-02-12 00:30:16

    Society beats you up, no one will be spared, haha

  • 移动用户-6464727


    移动用户-6464727 · 2020-04-07 14:10:24
  • 清晨

    清晨"2020-01-11 17:56:43

    Where to remember which words? If you don’t remember, turn to the manual or Baidu. If you write too much, you will remember it

  • 天保九如

    天保九如2020-01-05 10:47:41

    Poisoned by copy-paste

  • 我们

    我们2020-01-02 17:07:11

    Sorry, I always use Baidu to remember it

  • 松树上的小松鼠


    松树上的小松鼠 · 2020-03-12 10:22:20


    松树上的小松鼠 · 2020-03-12 10:24:00
  • 手机用户1575512899

    手机用户15755128992019-12-24 19:03:05

    If I remember correctly, I should have memorized it mentally.

  • 百度VS梦想

    Too cruel

    百度VS梦想 · 2020-02-25 20:24:41
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