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The book-delivery activity in T Building has started again! ! ! Reply and take home a programming book! (over)

Unknowingly, a year has passed. I believe that everyone has gained a lot of programming knowledge during this year. The PHP Chinese website will continue to provide everyone with free high-quality teaching video resources. In the last T Building event, we gave away a total of 44 books. To celebrate the arrival of the New Year, we have launched a new round of book delivery activities on the T floor. The details of the event are as follows:

How to participate: Reply to the community event post

## Time: The event lasts four days.

Event rules: Every 11th floor is the basic floor, and if it is twice the number of 11, you will get a book, for example: 11 22 44 88 176 and so on. unlimited.

Reply requirements: Write your learning experience during the year below the activity community. You can write about a good tutorial you saw on the PHP Chinese website, or You can write about some of your self-study learning methods, and the subject matter is not limited. It's up to you. If the floor you responded to was the 11th floor, but you did not write down your learning methods or share the courses you think are good, then the winning floor will be moved down one floor to the 12th floor.

List of winners Announcement:

15th Floor:

User Nickname: zqc

User ID: 35419

22nd Floor:

User Nickname: Di Batt

## user ID: 21077

44 Floor:

User Nickname: Painfulness and Sadness.

## User ID: 48143

97th floor:

User nickname: Mr.Gong

User ID: 51508

176 Floor:

## User Nickname: Mori

## Use: 57326

## 358 Floor:

User Nickname: Southern Little Ghost

User ID: 24518

709 Floor:

User Nickname: Follow Zhang Peng

## User ID

Please complete the above winners’ personal information (specific mailing address, mobile phone number, etc.) as soon as possible, or contact Xiaoshu, the administrator of the official QQ communication group of php Chinese website!

The winner information will be tallied today and tomorrow, and will be sent out by express after the New Year (the Chinese New Year is coming soon, and the courier guys are all on vacation. The editor is really helpless at this time - -!)

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  • 小驰驰

    小驰驰2018-02-28 16:54:09

    Thank you so much. Really good

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    elileo2018-02-26 21:40:25

    Thank you php Chinese website

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    巨蟹方圆2018-02-26 16:55:01

    Thank you php Chinese website

  • Asin

    Asin2018-02-26 15:13:31

    I hope I have a chance to get it this time

  • TinySand

    TinySand2018-02-26 11:58:29

    PHP Chinese website has a lot of learning resources, but the quality of some video resources is a bit problematic. I hope they can be improved and better.

  • 列彩天要

    列彩天要2018-02-13 10:30:24

    I hope I have a chance to get it this time

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  • 小志

    小志2018-02-11 11:44:10

    Small scale chopper

  • 王梓同

    王梓同2018-02-10 20:42:50

    I hope I have a chance to get it this time

  • か不曾停止前进的脚步

    か不曾停止前进的脚步2018-02-10 16:02:21

    php Chinese website is so awesome, I hope I have a chance

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