‎Restaurant Cute Story
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‎Restaurant Cute Story
‎Restaurant Cute Story
‎Restaurant Cute Story
‎Restaurant Cute Story
‎Restaurant Cute Story
Game Introduction

"Restaurant Cute Story" is a cute restaurant management simulation game. In this game, you will play the role of a young restaurant owner. By operating and managing the restaurant, you will welcome a group of cute customers and create a unique and busy restaurant.

Game Features:

  1. Cute cute animal customers: There are various cute animal characters as customers in the game. Each animal has its own preferences and needs. You need to adjust according to your needs. to provide the most suitable dishes according to their preferences.
  2. Customize your restaurant: From decoration to furniture, you can create a unique restaurant according to your own preferences and creativity to attract more customers.
  3. Diverse menu: The game provides a rich and diverse menu, including a variety of delicious staple food, desserts and drinks. You can tailor the menu to your customers' needs and tastes to satisfy their taste buds.
  4. Interact with friends: You can invite friends to play games together, visit and exchange business experiences with each other, and give each other gifts to establish real social relationships.
  5. Achievement system: Complete various tasks and achievements, unlock more decorations and rewards, and improve the level and reputation of the restaurant.

How to play:

  1. Receive customers: serve customers quickly according to their needs and win high scores and tips.
  2. Cooking food: According to the requirements on the menu, choose appropriate ingredients and cooking methods to prepare delicious dishes.
  3. Decorate your restaurant: Choose the right decoration style and furniture to create a comfortable and attractive restaurant environment.
  4. Expand business: As the game progresses, you can unlock more functions and scenes, expand your business scope, and attract more customers.
  5. Business strategy: Reasonably arrange time and resources, improve efficiency, increase turnover, and make the restaurant prosperous.

Player comments:

  1. “This game is so cute! I like to interact with all kinds of cute customers, cook their favorite dishes, and see their happy expressions I’m really satisfied.”
  2. “I have a high degree of freedom in restaurant decoration. I can design the restaurant according to my own preferences, and every customer who comes will be amazed by my creativity.”
  3. "The mission and achievement system of the game gave me a lot of challenges, unlocked more rewards and decorations, and made me more motivated to run the restaurant."
  4. "Invite friends to play and run the restaurant together, and communicate with each other Experience and gift giving increase the fun and playability of the game. "
  5. "I really like the relaxing and healing feeling of this game. Running my own restaurant every day makes my life more meaningful."

Game Tips:

  1. Pay attention to customers' needs and tastes, recommend dishes according to their preferences, and provide personalized services.
  2. Arrange time and resources reasonably, master the rhythm of cooking and serving, and avoid long waits and delays.
  3. Update the menu regularly, add new dishes according to market demand and seasonal changes, and attract more customers.
  4. Maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the restaurant, provide a comfortable and clean dining environment, and leave a good impression on customers.
  5. Invest in employee training and improvement, so that employees can master more cooking skills and service skills, and improve customer satisfaction.
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