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How to use tolowercase in js

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The toLowerCase() method in JavaScript converts all characters in the string to lowercase and returns a new converted string. The original string is not affected: Usage: string.toLowerCase() Return value: Conversion After the new string, all characters are lowercase. Note: The original string will not be modified, only a new converted string will be returned.

How to use tolowercase in js

JavaScript Usage of toLowerCase()

The toLowerCase() method is a built-in string method in JavaScript, used to convert all characters in the string to lowercase.




The toLowerCase() method returns a new string containing the original All characters in the string are converted to lowercase. The original string itself is not modified.


const str = "HELLO WORLD";
const lowerCaseStr = str.toLowerCase();

console.log(lowerCaseStr); // 输出: "hello world"


  • toLowerCase() method does not modify the original string, Just return a new converted string.
  • The toLowerCase() method works for any string type.
  • If the string is empty, the toLowerCase() method will return an empty string.
  • For Unicode characters, the toLowerCase() method will convert according to the Unicode standard.

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