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What is the function of span tag

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The SPAN tag is an inline HTML tag used to highlight text by applying attributes such as style, color, and font size, including emphasizing text, grouping text, adding hover effects, and dynamically updating content. It is used by placing and tags around the text to be emphasized, and is manipulated via CSS styling or JavaScript. The benefits of SPAN tags include semantic clarity, styling flexibility, and ease of maintenance.

What is the function of span tag

What the SPAN tag does

The SPAN tag is an inline HTML tag used to highlight elements in the document text part. It allows applying properties such as style, color, background, and font size to selected text.


The main functions of the SPAN tag are as follows:

  • Emphasis on specific text: By using the SPAN tag Specifying a different style or color can distinguish a specific portion of text from surrounding content and make it more eye-catching.
  • Group text: The SPAN tag can group related text parts together for easier style control and scripting operations.
  • Add hover effects: By setting a hover event on the SPAN tag, you can display tips or other information when the mouse hovers over selected text.
  • Dynamic content: Combined with JavaScript, the SPAN tag can be used to dynamically update or replace text content in the document.

How to use:

To use the SPAN tag, simply place the and tags around the text you want to emphasize. You can then apply the desired CSS styles on the tag or manipulate it using JavaScript.

For example:

这是一段文字。 这是一个强调的部分。


The benefits of using SPAN tags include:

  • Clear semantics : The SPAN tag clearly indicates that text is highlighted, allowing screen readers and other assistive technologies to correctly interpret its purpose.
  • Style Flexibility: Styles can be easily applied to SPAN tags via CSS, providing a wide range of customization options.
  • Easy Maintenance: SPAN tags are easy to add and remove, making updating and maintaining documents easier.

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