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How to view relationship diagram data in mysql

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MySQL Ways to view diagram data include: Visualizing the database structure using an ER diagram tool such as MySQL Workbench. Use queries to extract graph data, such as getting tables, columns, primary keys, and foreign keys. Export structures and data using command line tools such as mysqldump and mysql.

How to view relationship diagram data in mysql

How to view relationship diagram data in MySQL

How to view relationship diagram data

MySQL provides several ways to view graph data, depending on the structure and design of the database.

Using ER Diagram Tools

The ER Diagram (Entity Relationship Diagram) tool allows you to visualize the relationship diagram in your database. You can use MySQLWorkbench or other third-party tools to create and view ER diagrams.

Using queries

You can use MySQL queries to extract graph data. Here are some useful queries:

  • Get all tables: SHOW TABLES;
  • Get the columns of a table: SHOW COLUMNS FROM [table_name];
  • Get the primary key and foreign key: SHOW INDEX FROM [table_name];
  • Get the relationship between tables: SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.KEY_COLUMN_USAGE WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA='[database_name]';

Use command Line Tools

You can use the following command line tools to view diagram data:

  • mysqldump: A text file used to export the database structure and data.
  • mysql: Used to connect directly to the database and execute queries.


Suppose we have a database with the following table:

  • Customers( Customers)
  • Orders (Orders)
  • Products (Products)

Use ER diagram tools View the diagram

Create a new model using MySQL Workbench and connect to your database. Workbench will automatically generate an ER diagram showing the relationships between these tables.

View the relationship graph using queries

To get the relationships between these tables you can run the following query:

WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA='[database_name]'
AND TABLE_NAME IN ('Customers', 'Orders', 'Products');

This will return the following results :

[database_name]  Customers  customer_id  [database_name]  Orders  customer_id
[database_name]  Orders  product_id  [database_name]  Products  product_id

This indicates that:

  • Customers.customer_id is a foreign key to the customer_id column in the Orders table .
  • Orders.product_id is a foreign key to the product_id column in the Products table.

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