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What is the unit of capacitance?

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Capacitance is measured in farads (F) and is defined by the ratio of the voltage between conductors to the amount of charge. Farads can be calculated using the formula C = Q / V, where C is the capacitance, Q is the charge, and V is the voltage. Common multiples of farads are microfarads (µF), nanofarads (nF), and picofarads (pF).

What is the unit of capacitance?

What is the unit of capacitance?

The unit of capacitance is Farad (F), named after Michael Faraday, the father of capacitance. name.

Definition of farad

1 Farad is defined as: the capacitance when the charge between conductors increases by 1 coulomb when a voltage of 1 volt is applied between them.

Calculation of Farad

Farad can be calculated with the following formula:

C = Q / V


  • C is the capacitance, The unit is Farad (F)
  • Q is the amount of charge between the conductors, the unit is Coulomb (C)
  • V is the voltage between the conductors, the unit is Volt (V)

Multiple values ​​of Farad

Farad usually uses the following multiple values:

  • Micro Farad (µF): 1 µF = 10^(- 6) F
  • Nafarad (nF): 1 nF = 10^(-9) F
  • Picofarad (pF): 1 pF = 10^(-12) F

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