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How about Wuhua Mixin pink and white amphorae?

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Do you have an in-depth understanding of the pink and white amphora in Wuhua Mixin? To fully understand this character and explore what makes her unique, you must deeply analyze her abilities and skills. In this article, PHP editor Banana will provide you with a detailed analysis of the skill configuration of the pink and white amphora, and will lead you to appreciate its charm and subtleties. Come join me on a journey of discovery!

What about Wuhua Mi’s new pink and white amphora

1. Skill explanation

1. The pink and white amphora is a long-range professional weapon user. Her The professional skill "Rotation" is also the same as other long-range attack professions. It can enter the aiming state to carry out ultra-long-distance attacks. At the same time, the stunt "Stirring" also causes a lot of damage to a single enemy, and the ultimate damage bonus is very high.

2. Let’s look at the passive skills of Pink and White Amphora. Her passive skills use “combos” as the main method, which further enhances the output ability of Pink and White Amphora. For example, the passive skill "Pull Shape" can make the pink and white amphora's normal attacks have a chance to trigger combos.

3. The passive skill "Color Sticking" allows teammates around the pink and white amphorae to randomly mark the enemies around them when they consume life. If the marked enemies are hit by combo attacks, additional bonuses will be triggered. harm. At the same time, after the passive skill "Polishing" is activated, attacking the marked enemy can further increase the probability of triggering the combo and the damage of the combo.

How about Wuhua Mixin pink and white amphorae?

2. Team formation ideas

1. After Wuhua Mi is launched this time, the long-range striker has become a long-range striker due to the pink and white amphora. There are characters that can be obtained at the beginning, so collectors do not have to spend energy cultivating blue card long-range shooter and landscape characters.

2. You can easily open up wasteland with the Wu Wang Fu Chai Spear, Bat Peach Vase, Sky Blue Vase, Seven Pan Dance Bricks, and Salt Making Bricks that can be obtained at the same start.

3. In addition, due to the weapon mechanism, collectors can also match it with Changxin palace lanterns, four dragons and four phoenixes, etc., which can consume their own blood and increase the ability to mark enemies. Chance.

3. Comprehensive Suggestions

Generally speaking, Pink and White Amphora is a character given at the start of the game. The skill mechanism is complete and excellent. It is a special long-range striker for collectors. An excellent choice! With the right team, her output can be doubled with half the effort.

The above information is the detailed information about Wuhua Mi's new pink and white amphora. This character's skills are very Perfect, it is definitely a good choice for players who do not have special long-range attacks. This character can play a big role.

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