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Frequency converter maintenance methods

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Frequency converter maintenance steps: Safety inspection: power off and discharge. Troubleshooting: Find display codes/messages, check fans, measure voltage. Replace faulty components: such as power modules, electrolytic capacitors, and IGBT drivers. Parameter setting: Reset according to motor parameters and operating requirements. Test: Verify whether the inverter is working properly and monitor the operating status.

Frequency converter maintenance methods

Frequency converter maintenance method

Frequency converter is an indispensable equipment in modern industrial automation. It can control Motor speed and torque. When the frequency converter fails, timely repair is required to ensure normal production.

Maintenance steps:

  1. Safety check:

    • Disconnect the power supply of the inverter .
    • Confirm that the inverter is fully discharged.
  2. Troubleshooting:

    • Check the display panel of the inverter for fault codes or error messages.
    • Check whether the inverter fan is working properly.
    • Measure the input and output voltage of the inverter.
  3. Replace the faulty part:

    • Replace the faulty part according to the fault diagnosis results.
    • Frequently replaced components include: power modules, electrolytic capacitors, and IGBT drivers.
  4. Parameter setting:

    • After replacing parts, the parameters of the inverter need to be reset.
    • Parameter settings include: motor parameters, frequency range, acceleration/deceleration time.
  5. Test:

    • Reconnect the power supply of the inverter.
    • Run the motor to test whether the inverter is working properly.
    • Monitor the operating status of the inverter to ensure that there are no abnormalities.

Common faults and repair methods:

  • Overvoltage, undervoltage: Check input power supply to ensure voltage stability.
  • Overcurrent: Check the motor load to ensure that it does not exceed the rated current of the inverter.
  • Output short circuit: Check the motor connection wire to eliminate the short circuit.
  • IGBT fault: Replace the IGBT power module.
  • Electrolytic capacitor failure: Replace the electrolytic capacitor.
  • Fan failure: Replace the fan.


  • Frequency converter maintenance requires professional knowledge and experience, and is not recommended for non-professionals.
  • During the maintenance process, pay attention to preventing static electricity and electric shock.
  • Use original parts to ensure the quality of repairs.
  • After maintenance, keep maintenance records for future reference.

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