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How about Wuhua Mixin Golden Cicada and Jade Leaf?

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Question: Character Selection Analysis of Wu Hua Mi’s New Jin Chan Yu Ye, as a leader among long-range professions, has an unusually high dodge probability. In combat, she can keep her enemies elusive with her excellent survivability. Want to know more about her skills? Please continue reading the in-depth analysis brought to you by PHP editor Apple to understand the uniqueness of Jin Chan Yu Ye.

What about Wuhua Mixin Jin Chan Jade Leaf

1. Ways to obtain sensitivity: Winter Ancient Competition

2. Background introduction:

The device is outside The current image is that of a slender girl. Similar to Jin Guang Yu Yao's true form, the wielder has a noble and dignified temperament in her movements, but only when she doesn't speak. The main body is in the shape of a cicada, and the user has similar habits to that of a cicada. The communication speed is extremely fast, and the words are used like a barrage of words, leaving the other party with no chance to interrupt. Also inheriting the characteristic of cicadas that they only appear in summer, the zodiac will only be active in summer. In seasons other than summer, the zodiac is weak and needs to recuperate until the next summer. Now joins the Foundation Information Department.

How about Wuhua Mixin Golden Cicada and Jade Leaf?

3. Analysis:

Far attack output. Originally, long-hand fighting in close combat was against Tiangang, but Jinchanyuye ensured its survivability with its high dodge, and the combination of passive Qiaoshu made it a subversive performance in the single-pass Gu domain. Jin Chanyu Wuye is backstage at the Winter Valley Competition, let’s call her out together

4. Recommendations for further study:

School selection calibration (aiming at the cooling rate)

Priority Point 7 Cold Wind (Evasion Rate)

Secondly 2 Sources (Critical Hit)

5. Equipment Recommendation:

Jiu Mi Qi Zu - Bottle Words Crossbow (often The damage caused by retaliation and stunts after hitting is increased)

Benzoin-Miaowen Crossbow (attack power increased)

Equipment sub-entries are considered: explosion damage, total damage increase, physical damage increase, aiming Cooldown rate, attack bonus, attack.

6. Cooperation recommendations: Jin Chan Yu Ye, Collector

Jin Chan Yu Ye is not adapted to teammates in the current version, but I believe that Jin Chan Yu Ye can perform under the command of collectors. Give 120% of your strength.

How about Wuhua Mixin Golden Cicada and Jade Leaf?

The above information is the detailed information about Wu Hua Mi Xin Jin Chan Yu Ye. Very high dodge is the guarantee for his survival, and his unique Skills allow him to have earth-shaking changes in battle.

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