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What should I do if my wlan does not have a valid IP configuration?

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According to the article, the methods to solve the problem of WLAN without IP configuration are: 1. Check the DHCP server; 2. Update the network adapter driver; 3. Restart the router; 4. Check the IP address allocation; 5. Manually assign IP Address; 6. Contact your ISP.

What should I do if my wlan does not have a valid IP configuration?

How to solve WLAN does not have a valid IP configuration

When your WLAN does not have a valid IP configuration, you You will be unable to connect to the Internet or other network devices. Here are the steps to resolve this issue:

1. Check the DHCP Server

Most home networks use a DHCP server to automatically assign IP addresses to connected devices. Make sure your DHCP server is running and configured correctly.

2. Update the network adapter driver

Outdated or corrupted network adapter drivers may cause IP configuration issues. Download and install the latest drivers from the device manufacturer's website.

3. Restart the router

Restarting the router can refresh its configuration and solve temporary problems. Disconnect power from the router, wait 30 seconds, and then reconnect it.

4. Check IP Address Assignment

On your computer or device, check the IP address configuration of your network adapter. Go to Network Settings, find your Wi-Fi connection, and look at the IP address field. If it says "" or similar, then there is no valid IP address assigned.

5. Manually assign an IP address

If the DHCP server is unavailable or unable to assign an IP address, you can try to assign one manually. Go to your network settings, find your WLAN connection, select "Manual configuration" and enter the following information:

  • IP Address: A unique address within your local network (For example,
  • Subnet Mask: Typically
  • Default Gateway: Your router’s IP address (Typically

6. Contact your ISP

#If you have tried all the steps above and still cannot get a valid IP configuration, please contact Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They may be able to help you troubleshoot network connection issues.

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