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How about the Wuhua Mixin Jinou Yonggu Cup?

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Everything is new, Jinou Yonggu: Revealing the Secret of the Melee Magic Weapon PHP Editor Youzi brings you an in-depth analysis of the Jinou Yonggu Cup to answer all your questions about this magic weapon. This magic weapon is known for its powerful melee capabilities, which can inflict negative status on opponents and increase its own damage. The article will delve into the specific attributes, applicable scenarios and practical skills of the Jinou Yonggu Cup, giving you a comprehensive understanding of this battlefield weapon. Come find out and unlock the secret to winning in melee combat!

What about the Wuhua Mixin Jinou Yonggu Cup

1. Ways to obtain sensitivity: Event call

2. Background introduction:

Appearance of the implementer The image is of a gorgeously dressed girl. The main body is a cherished utensil made by the royal family of the Qing Dynasty, and it is also the latest of the four eternal cups. Therefore, the owner of the cup was loved and loved in the past, and he loved wearing golden clothes. He was once proud of his favor. As a palace vessel, the vessel does not know much about knowledge outside the palace and lacks common sense of life, but is extremely curious and often asks others. The implementer is innocent and enthusiastic in nature and cares about others. During the training period, he actively adapted to modern social life and became more sensible. Later, he joined the information department to participate in the organization work.

How about the Wuhua Mixin Jinou Yonggu Cup?

3. Analysis:

Qingrui is the strongest single output, it can superimpose buffs on the enemy, and additional damage will be added according to the number of buffs when attacking. Combined with Li Gui, he can start with two consecutive stunts, and the total damage of Gurgling Hair is enough to deal with most of the old friends. Zhizhi 3 optimizes the fire transfer problem and greatly improves the group.

4. Recommendation for further study: School of study chooses armor penetration (probability of penetration)

Prioritize points 3 source streams (attack power), 3 layers of mountains (crit hit), and invest all remaining points into source streams (attack power)

5. Equipment recommendation:

Chaojin Department-Old Painting Knife (Stealing Energy)

Benzoin-Miaowen (Increase Attack Power)

Equipment adverbs are considered: total damage increase, physical damage increase, penetration probability, critical hit, explosion damage, attack bonus.

6. Recommended combinations: Jinou Yonggu Cup and Ligui.

How about the Wuhua Mixin Jinou Yonggu Cup?

The above information is the detailed information about Wu Hua Mi Xin Jin Ou Yonggu Cup. This character has the strongest single target attack and can bless the opponent. The buff state, and the combat effectiveness increases as the buff state increases, the effect is very good.

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