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"Adventure Battle" full level ring - level 150 nostalgia

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The most powerful ring in "Adventure Battle" - "Love" was born! This legendary equipment can not only greatly increase the character's life, attack and defense attributes, but also has the following amazing abilities: increase the basic basic attack and critical hit damage of all companions by 20%, with full firepower and no worries! Ignore the enemy's 16% dodge and easily defeat the enemy's evasion tricks! After reaching full level, the attribute bonus is as high as 30444%, making the player character invincible on the battlefield! Whether you want to challenge powerful enemies or explore mysterious areas, the "Love" ring will become your indispensable and powerful helper. Want to know more about it? Please continue reading the detailed analysis carefully prepared by PHP editor Banana!

Ring - level 150 nostalgia

Adventure Battle full level ring - level 150 nostalgia

The three-dimensional increase is 30444%. This should be the final three-dimensional bonus after the increase including marriage/sworship.

Thank you to the loyal players of the Warriors - (Open beta area 11) _Provided by Qi·Hongmi

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