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How to restore data after modified by navicat

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Recovering modified data in Navicat has the following options: Undo uncommitted transactions. Resets committed transactions (note the impact). Restore data from backup. Use Navicat log files.

How to restore data after modified by navicat

How to restore modified data in Navicat

Navicat is a powerful database management software that can be used in Provides multiple recovery options when making data modifications. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to recover modified data in Navicat:

1. Find modification records

  • Navigate to the affected table or view .
  • Right-click the "Data" tab and select "Data Modification Log".
  • View the logs to find transactions that resulted in data modifications.

2. Undo a committed transaction

  • If the transaction has not been submitted, you can use the "Undo" button to cancel it.

3. Reset the committed transaction

  • If the transaction has been committed, you can select the "Reset" button. This will roll back the transaction and restore the data to its original state.
  • Note: Resetting a committed transaction will affect all other modifications made within the transaction.

4. Restore from backup

  • If the above options are not available, you can restore data from backup.
  • Navigate to the "Backup" tab and select the desired backup.
  • Click the "Restore" button to restore data to its previous version.

5. Use Navicat log file

  • Navicat records database modifications to the log file. These files are usually located in the "Logs" folder of the Navicat installation directory.
  • If necessary, the log file can be manually inspected to determine the modifications.


  • Before modifying data, it is strongly recommended to back up the database.
  • Enable the data modification log in Navicat to record all changes made to the database.
  • Perform database backups regularly to protect data from accidental loss.

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