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Can navicat connect to hive?

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Yes, Navicat can connect to Hive. Connection steps: Create a new connection. Select connection type: Hive. Enter connection details: host, port, username, password. Test the connection to verify success. Save the connection. Connection options: Connection mode: JDBC/ODBC or SSH tunnel. Authentication: Kerberos or username/password. Connection pooling: Enable/disable connection pooling. Advanced options: SSL encryption, proxy settings, and more.

Can navicat connect to hive?

Can Navicat connect to Hive?

Yes, Navicat can connect to Hive.

How to use Navicat to connect to Hive

To use Navicat to connect to Hive, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Navicat and create a new connection.
  2. Select connection type: Hive
  3. Enter connection details:

    • Host : The address or host name of the Hive server
    • Port: The port that the Hive server listens on (the default port is 10000)
    • User name: Username to connect to Hive
    • Password: Password associated with username
  4. Test connection: Click " Test Connection button to verify the connection is successful.
  5. Save the connection: If the connection is successful, please click "Save Connection".

Connection options

Navicat provides various connection options to configure Hive connection:

  • Connection mode: Select JDBC/ODBC or SSH tunnel connection.
  • Authentication: Specify Kerberos or username/password authentication.
  • Connection pooling: Enable or disable connection pooling to improve performance.
  • Advanced Options: Provides additional advanced configuration options such as SSL encryption and proxy settings.


  • If the connection fails, check if the Hive server is running and accessible from the Navicat host.
  • Make sure you have the required permissions to connect to Hive.
  • If you encounter any problems, please refer to Navicat official documentation or seek technical support.

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