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How to get group buying link on Douyin Group Buying

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How to get group buying link on Douyin Group Buying? This is an issue that many netizens are concerned about. Next, the editor of PHP will bring you an overview of the specific process of linking on Douyin Group Buying. Interested netizens should follow the editor to take a look!

How to get group buying link on Douyin Group Buying

Overview of the specific process linked to Douyin group buying

1. Register a Douyin merchant account: As a merchant, you need to first register Register a merchant account on the Douyin platform and complete relevant information filling and certification.

2, Create a group buying activity: In the merchant backend, find the relevant settings for the group buying activity, fill in the product information, group buying price, discount strength, etc., and set the activity rules.

3, Get the group purchase link: After the group purchase activity is successfully created, the system will generate a group purchase link and QR code. Merchants can share the link or QR code with users so that users can Participate in group buying by clicking or scanning.

4, Publicity and promotion: Merchants can use the advertising, live broadcast, short video and other functions of the Douyin platform to promote and attract more users to click on the group buying link to participate in the event.

5, Order management and delivery: Merchants need to process user orders in a timely manner, confirm payment status, arrange delivery, and maintain good communication with users.

6, Note: The specific operation steps may change due to updates to the Douyin platform.

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