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How to log in to other users in navicat

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Logging in to other users through Navicat includes the following steps: Create a database connection. Enter the other user's credentials in the Connection Properties window. Reconnect to the database to log in as a different user.

How to log in to other users in navicat

How to use Navicat to log in to other users

As a database management tool, Navicat allows you to connect to other users database. The following steps guide you how to use Navicat to log in to other users:

Step 1: Create a new connection

  • Open Navicat and click the "New Connection" icon.
  • Select the type of database to connect to and enter connection details such as host, port, and database name.
  • Click "OK" to create the connection.

Step 2: Switch User

  • Right-click the connection and select "Connection Properties".
  • In the Connection Properties window, click the Advanced tab.
  • In the "Other Users" section, enter the username and password of the user you want to log in to.
  • Click OK to save changes.

Step 3: Reconnect

  • Click the "Close" button to close the current connection.
  • Right-click the connection again and select "Connect".
  • Navicat will connect to the database using the credentials of the other user specified.


  • Make sure you have the necessary permissions to connect to other users' databases.
  • Other users may need to grant you appropriate database access permissions.
  • When you connect to another user, you inherit that user's permissions and settings.

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