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"Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile Game" Special Summoned Beast Skills Collection

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Question: What are the special summoned beast skills in Fantasy Westward Journey? Simple explanation: Different summoned beasts have unique summoning skills, which affect their combat power. Intro: Want to learn more about the special skills of summoned beasts in Fantasy Westward Journey? PHP editor Yuzi has compiled a detailed guide to help you master the powerful abilities of summoned beasts.

Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile Game Special Summoned Beast Skills Collection

"Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile Game" Special Summoned Beast Skills

Yi Bo Yuntian: Increases own level by 0.55 when casting a spell Spell damage; automatic escape will not be triggered during combat.

Qi Guan Changhong: When triggering a combo/advanced combo, the damage is increased by 25%/50%.

Reckless Strike: The physical damage result is increased, but deviation may occur when attacking.

Tiger Tiger Breathes Wind: Greatly increases the fatal damage result.

花好月月: At the end of each round, there is a 25% chance to add one's own color and restore one's own level x 8 health. (Only Changle Lingxian has this skill)

Dance of the Sky Fox: Enter the Sky Fox state after death: restore (20%* upper limit of blood) blood value, and the damage caused by active skills increases by 10%. Killed at the end of the round. (Tianhu status will not receive any additional bonuses and surprise, and belief skills are mutually exclusive) Only awakened Tu Shanxue can have this skill

Surprise victory: the first one used after entering the game in the second round and thereafter Spell damage caused by spells is increased by 25%. (This is only effective when carried by summoned beasts of the fox clan)

The Dark Willow: Every time a spell is cast that does not trigger a spell combo, the damage result of the spell combo is increased by 50%. (Up to 2 layers, cleared when triggering a spell combo)

Innate: When entering combat, automatically gain *30% of your own shield.

Shocking Sword: Launch a physical attack to attack the enemy and damage its MP according to the degree of damage to HP. (The physical damage effect will be slightly reduced) After hitting, it will cause continuous MP damage to the enemy in the next round. (Continuous effects cannot be stacked): Striking the enemy's faith is sometimes more effective than direct strikes.

Death Call: While attacking, there is a certain chance of reducing the upper limit of the opponent's health; there is also a 10% chance of attaching a death imprisonment effect to the enemy. The effect lasts for 10 rounds. The character with the attached status cannot be resurrected during the round. If there is no chance, then I will create it myself!

Good deeds are rewarded: When attacking, there is a certain chance of causing double damage to the opponent, and it is also possible to restore a certain amount of energy and blood to the opponent: it is not that there is no reward, the time has not yet come.

Ancient Talisman: Randomly cast Freeze (a water attribute spell, reduce the opponent's vitality and blood, with a certain chance of causing the opponent to stop moving for 1 round), Quicksand (an earth attribute spell, reduce the opponent's vitality and blood, with a certain chance of reducing the opponent's anger by 10%) ), Heart Fire (fire attribute spell, reduces the opponent's vitality and blood, and has a certain chance of reducing the opponent's upper limit of magic by 5%), Furious Thunder (thunder attribute spell, reduces the opponent's vitality and blood): Raging Thunder! Freeze! quicksand! Heart-burning! Follow my orders!

Strike Huashan: Give the enemy a fierce attack with powerful damage, and the hit will temporarily increase LV*2 10: When we meet on a narrow road, the strong will survive.

Ye Wu Qingcheng: Cause damage to the opponent based on own strength points*1.5 own speed/3. (The effect is halved when the target is a character). I'm not just good at brute force.

Spell Defense: Extremely powerful spell defense skill. It can defend against spell attacks and reduce spell damage by 65%, but cannot defend against physical attacks. The effect lasts for 6 rounds.

Barrier Break: An attack that ignores defense. If the target of the attack is defensive, it will suffer greater damage. When attacking with this skill, the skill effects produced by the two summoned beast skills "Advanced Defense" and "Defense" will be ignored. Nothing can stop me.

Bloodthirsty Pursuit: When a target is knocked down with a physical attack, it will continue to attack another target once. This effect will only be triggered once per round: it is better to chase the enemy with courage.

Sword swings in all directions: It can attack multiple people when used. The specified target receives a certain amount of damage, and a small amount of damage is caused to any two other targets. Consumption: current HP*10%. Who says you can't harvest with a sword?

Psychic stimulation: After activation, it temporarily increases your spell damage ability. (The higher the mana points, the better the effect, lasting for 5 rounds)

Mana Trap: Summons a mana trap that lasts until the end of this round. Each enemy summoned into the field will trigger a trap and lose a large amount of MP and a small amount of HP. But if it is never triggered, you will lose a lot of HP. (At the same time, your physical and spell damage capabilities are reduced by 5%, and the same team can only summon 1 trap at the same time):

Eight Evil Array: The exclusive skill of the Super Red Flame Beast, launches spells to attack 3 enemies, and may Weaken its defense, damage, speed, and spiritual power.

Cangluan Furious Strike: Super Qingluan’s exclusive skill. When a normal physical attack occurs a fatal kill or a combo, it temporarily increases the damage by 10% and attacks another random target. It can be triggered at most once per round. It will be used after triggering. The damage and speed are reduced by 20% during the round.

Falling from the sky: The exclusive skill of the Super Magic Chicken greatly increases the damage caused when attacking, but there is a certain chance of failing to fly into the air when attacking.

Feast your heart on it: The super monkey’s exclusive skill has a certain chance of being triggered before taking action, greatly increasing the chance of triggering probabilistic skills (combos, sure kills).

Fuyun Shenma: Super Shenma’s exclusive skill. When on the field, it increases the speed of itself and its master by 10%, lasting up to 5 rounds. I feel like I'm running faster!

Lingshan Zen: Increase the magic defense of one's own magic power* (growth -0.3). The magic power no longer increases the magic damage, but only increases the magic power by half. "Lingshan Treasure Statue, Ten Thousand Methods Zen Sound."

Dragon Soul: Super Divine Dragon's exclusive skill. Every time the spell is successfully used three times, it can temporarily increase its own spell damage. This effect lasts for 2 rounds and disappears after the spell is successfully used. The dragon fights in the wild, its blood is black and yellow, and its unyielding dragon soul cannot be ignored by anyone.

A critical moment of wrath: Super Sheep’s exclusive skill, the damage caused by ordinary physical attacks? When the target’s health damage*10%, the owner will gain 10 points of anger. This is the power of anger!

Heavenly Spirit Gourd: Super Earth Father’s exclusive skill, group spell attack, random attack 1~ (Level/30 2) takes the entire target, up to 5 people.

Fearless Giving: Increases the target's defense and magic defense, but reduces one's own defense and magic defense. "What's mine is yours, and what's yours is still yours."

Xumi Mantra: Increases spell damage by magic power*0.4. "The holy words of Xumi, Buddha's light purifies sins."

Moonlight: Super Jade Rabbit's exclusive skill, summons (level/30 1, up to 4) moonlight to attack the enemy. The same unit can be attacked by multiple moonlights, and subsequent Moonlight only deals 50% damage. Represent the power of the moon and destroy you bad guys.

Relish: Swallow one of the master's buns each round to increase the chance of critical hit and the multiplier of critical hit damage. Only when you are full can you have the strength to beat up the little villain!

All-powerful: Water spells attack the target and two random targets, increasing the damage of spell combos; spell combos can be triggered repeatedly. The little white dragon is born, and now the enemy is in trouble!

Be confident: When doing normal attacks, there is a 40% chance of attacking 3 times; but the physical damage effect is reduced by 20%. One sound is not loud enough? Then three!

Move your index finger: Summon random types of fruits to attack the enemy. Different fruits have different flavors and naturally have their own unique effects.

Condensing Light Refining Color: There is a 25% chance of gaining a shield when injured, and the shield value is 50% of the damage received. The light of gemstones is my protective color.

The wonderful truth of Jingtai: Increase the Qi and blood of your own physique*growth*2. Listen quietly to the wonderful truth, and let the clouds protect you.

Observe everything: Use all active skills to attack the target (the active skills used do not include certification skills), the cooldown is 150 rounds, and the number of rounds > 10 can be used. (Only Listening can have this skill):

Surprise: When using a skill that your summoned beast has not used this round, the damage caused will be increased by 15%

Powerful: When attacking physically, The damage shared by the protected units is reduced by 30%:

Quicksand Qingyin: launches spells to attack multiple targets, and the damage decreases according to the pentatonic scale; the number of attackers = own level/20, minimum 1 person, maximum 5 people

Pursuit of victory: When the normal attack or combo reaches 4 times, attack the enemy 2 additional times (the damage result of the additional attack is reduced by 60%).

Browse the power of the wind: Each physical attack increases the damage result of the kill by 12.5% ​​(up to 4 layers, cleared when the kill is triggered).

Gu Panshengzi: Every time you use active skills, the master's seal hit level will be increased by 0.5*level (up to 4 levels, cleared when the master seals successfully).

Soul-killing: When using spells or spell combos for 4 times, an additional spell will be released on the enemy with the lowest health percentage (the damage result of additional spells will be reduced by 20%).

Day and Night Out: The physical damage effect at night will not be reduced but will be increased by 10%, and the evasion rate will be increased by 10%

神来气神: The damage of using "Hell Fire" will be increased, each round There is a 50% probability of affecting the number of people 1, the effect can be superimposed, and the probability decreases after each trigger:

Water Attack Three Thousand: Temporarily increases the physical damage result and critical hit multiplier for a physical attack

Swinging Ten Thousand Miles: The spell attacks multiple targets, and a certain amount of spell damage is added according to the level

Northern Abyss: Changes the five elements of attack of all friendly summoned beasts/children to water, and the summoned beasts with water attributes attack the five elements/ The damage caused by the child is increased by 30%

Xiaoyaoyou: Increases own speed by 20%, reduces the physical damage received for the first time in each round by 20%, and reduces the critical strike multiplier of physical/magic damage received by 50%: after the second round When entering the field, release water attack 3000/Swinging Ten Thousand Miles to the unit with the lowest health percentage. If there is no other Super Kunpeng on the field, the damage will be increased by 150%

Escape: After entering the battle, you will gain the Shura Invisibility State 2 -3 turns; damage effect increases by 10% while in stealth state, and evasion rate increases by 10%.

Wealth and Treasure: During a physical attack, there is a very small chance that a gold ingot will appear, causing a large amount of additional damage (cannot be triggered at the same time as the fatal kill)

Insight: During a physical attack, one person will be randomly detected The health of the opponent's unit (valid only in monster battles)

Escape: Increase own speed by 20%, and increase evasion rate by 10%.

Burning Sky Fire: Each physical attack gains one point of tribulation fire. When the third point of tribulation fire is obtained, an additional spell attack is triggered, attacking (level/30, maximum=3, minimum=1) enemies, and at the same time Empty the calamity fire:

Unforgiven Magic Technique: When the attacked target triggers Divine Blessing Resurrection or Advanced Divine Blessing Resurrection, its maximum health limit will be reduced by 20% until the end of the battle (invalid for characters and units)

Wind Qi Longyou: Only effective when carried by dragon summoned beasts, the attack speed is lower than its own target (the actual shooting speed of the summoned beast), and the damage effect is increased by 10% (all damage is valid)

Salary Legend of Fire: Only the summoned beasts of the Phoenix tribe are effective. When replacing other summoned beasts on the field, the current energy and blood of the replaced summoned beast will be converted into a shield

The above is the detailed content of "Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile Game" Special Summoned Beast Skills Collection. For more information, please follow other related articles on the PHP Chinese website!

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