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How to delete data in batches with Navicat

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Delete data in batches: Write a SQL delete query, such as DELETE FROM table_name; execute the query in the Navicat SQL editor; confirm the delete operation; verify that the deletion is successful, such as refreshing the table view or running a SELECT query.

How to delete data in batches with Navicat

How to use Navicat to delete data in batches

1. Preparation:

  • Make sure you have used Navicat to connect to the database containing the target data.
  • Locate the table you want to delete data from.

2. Write a delete query:

Navicat supports using SQL queries to delete data in batches. The following is the query to delete all data in the table:

DELETE FROM table_name;

You can also use the WHERE clause to delete data based on specific conditions, for example:

DELETE FROM table_name WHERE column_name = 'value';

3. Execute the query:

  • In the Navicat main window, click the "SQL Editor" tab.
  • In the SQL editor, paste the delete query you wrote.
  • Click the "Execute" button or press the F5 key.

4. Confirm deletion:

Navicat will prompt you to confirm the deletion. Click OK to continue or Cancel to abort the operation.

5. Verify deletion:

After the deletion operation is completed, you can check the data in the table to verify whether the deletion was successful. This can be done by:

  • Refresh the table view in Navicat.
  • Run a SELECT query to view the data in the table.


  • Before performing a batch delete operation, please make sure you have backed up the database data.
  • Be careful when using the WHERE clause to avoid accidentally deleting unnecessary data.

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