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A list of introductions to Xia Yang in "Xianshan Small Farmers"

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In the "Fairy Mountain Farmer" that is widely loved by players, there are many characters with distinctive personalities active, one of which is Xia Yang. What is the background story of this character? What important role does it play? PHP editor Xinyi will reveal them one by one for you. Continue reading this article to learn more about Xia Yang's wonderful performance and unique role in "Xianshan Farmer".

A list of introductions to Xia Yang in Xianshan Small Farmers

How about Xia Yang, a small farmer in Xianshan - Xia Yang's introduction at a glance

"The morning light and sunset are beautiful every day, don't miss it."

A red dress and a fragrant pear.

When it comes to Xia Yang, people always say: "She feels like there is nothing she can't do!"

In terms of Taoism, she is a natural Taoist, and she often enters a state of selflessness due to her practice. In life, she flexibly controls the spatula and stir-fries a delicious dish.

Although she is the junior sister of a small farmer, her clever little mind can understand many truths that are difficult for ordinary people to understand. In the long journey of small farmer cultivation, the junior sister is one of the most sincere allies.

When small farmers encounter confusion, they often get out of trouble because of Xia Yang's words; when they are challenged, those problems will be solved with Xia Yang's help.

Let us say together, thank you Xia Yang!

A list of introductions to Xia Yang in Xianshan Small Farmers

[Full Character Story]

I was born with Taoism and excellent bones.

When he was eight years old, he was taken to the mountain by Mu Taoist to practice the art of controlling Qi. Because of his extraordinary aptitude, he made a lot of progress in just seven years. She emphasizes on enlightening the Tao with the heart. Whenever she feels something, she will realize the Tao on the spot, which looks like she is in a daze to others.

In daily life, she is lively and active, loves to eat and is good at it. She has good cooking skills at a young age. After Yun Qian went up the mountain, the two often communicated about cooking skills. Because they grew up together with small farmers, the two have a close relationship.

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