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What does large function mean?

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Python's large function converts a number into a string with thousand separators to improve readability. Its syntax is: large(number, format). number is the number to be converted, and format is an optional format string. The default thousand separator is comma, which can be customized as space, newline character or percent sign.

What does large function mean?

large function

Python’s large function is used to convert a number to a character String, formatted in a human-readable manner. It is primarily used to provide clear and concise representation when printing or displaying larger numbers.


large(number, format=None)


  • number: The number to be converted.
  • format: Optional format string.

Return value

A string containing formatted numbers.

How to use

large The use of the function is very simple. Just pass the number you want to convert as a parameter.

large_number = large(123456789)
print(large_number)  # 输出:123,456,789

Format string

By default, the large function uses commas (,) as thousands separators symbols to group numbers into groups. However, the format string can be customized using the format parameter.

The format string is a comma-separated sequence of codes, where each code represents a formatting option:

  • c: Comma-separated numbers.
  • s: Separate numbers with spaces.
  • n: Separate numbers with newlines.
  • p: Separate decimal places with percent signs.

For example, to format a number to contain spaces instead of commas, you would use the following code:

large_number_with_spaces = large(123456789, format='s')
print(large_number_with_spaces)  # 输出:123 456 789

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