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"Blade and Soul 2" official website reservation address

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php Editor Xigua: "Blade and Soul 2" is a martial arts MMORPG game developed by NCsoft, a famous Korean game company. The official website reservation has been opened a few days ago, and players can register for reservation on the reservation website. It is worth noting that the reservation address has changed and players need to go to the new address to register. Players who have successfully made a reservation can be the first to enter the game when it is officially opened. Players who have been waiting for a long time, hurry up and act!

Blade and Soul 2 official website reservation address

Blade and Soul 2 national server official website entrance address sharing

Official website entrance address: https://b2.qq.com/cp/web202401/#page1

In the beginning, the Creator created light and darkness.

In the darkness, the Shura clan was born,

As a result, all life was in ruins...

In desperation, four people stepped forward and

The Creator gave them godhood and became divine cultivators.

The "great battle" between light and darkness begins,

The divine cultivator achieved a victorious peace with a tragic sacrifice.

After the "Great War", the peaceful time continued to pass,

After the story of the Four Heroes in the World and the Young Hero of Hongmen has become a distant legend...

The offspring born of the divine cultivator and Shura,

Embark on your own legendary road

Blade and Soul 2 official website reservation address

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