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Monohana Mishin Grand Shrine Character Review Detailed List

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php Editor Zimo brings you an article called "Evaluation of the Characters of the Monohana Grand Shrine - A Detailed Overview". This article details the abilities and characteristics of this new Great Shrine character. A comprehensive evaluation is conducted from the aspects of appearance, attributes, skills, etc., so that players can better understand the character and achieve better results in the game. The article is easy to understand and helps players better choose and use this character.

物华弥新大神龛角色测评 具体一览

[Skill Explanation]

As a long-range attack profession, his professional skill is naturally to enter the aiming state to carry out ultra-long-distance attacks. The difference is that in addition to causing great damage, the great shrine's special skill "Family Gathering" can also cause additional physical damage to other enemies around the enemy unit in the event of a critical hit. To put it simply, as long as the critical hit rate is piled up, the unique skill of the Great Shrine is AOE, which is very special among all long-range strikers.

It can be seen that the Great Shrine is a long-range striker who very much needs the critical hit rate attribute. Then the key point is that the Great Shrine’s passive skill "Floating Green Pill" allows him to obtain it every time he takes action. A level of enshrined state. Enshrined state can increase the critical hit rate when aiming. In addition, the critical hit rate brought by equipment, further education, etc., stable critical hits are close at hand.

In addition, the big shrine also has passive skills "Falling leaves return to their roots" and "turn wood into gold", the former allows the big shrine to continue to increase its critical hit rate after consuming its enshrinement status, while the latter increases critical hit damage very simply and crudely. Just one word, "cool"!

[Team formation ideas]

In the early stage, due to the simple way to obtain the Remote Striker·Landscape Character Mirror and the easy way to increase the knowledge level, it is used to accompany you. It is more than enough for collectors to get through the early stage, but as the difficulty of levels such as the main line increases, it is a very good choice to choose the Remote Striker·Great Shrine instead of the Landscape Figure Mirror. Combined with the bat peach bottle with full Zhizhi level, the powerful healing spell Sky Blue Bottle, and the Suwei Glazed Tower Arch obtained in the East Valley Competition, a very powerful mid-to-late stage team is formed

[Comprehensive Suggestions]

Generally speaking, the large shrine is an excellent choice for collectors who do not have a special long-range shooter. It is naturally also a superior substitute for long-range shooters and landscape and figure mirrors. Collectors may wish to cultivate a large shrine before obtaining a special long-range weapon.

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