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What is the use of nginx load balancing?

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Nginx is an open source load balancing software that improves application availability, scalability and resource utilization by distributing requests among multiple servers. It supports multiple protocols, is simple to configure and easy to manage.

What is the use of nginx load balancing?

Nginx is an open source reverse proxy and load balancing software widely used in web applications.

Load balancing function:

Nginx implements load balancing function by distributing incoming requests among multiple servers to improve availability, scalability and Optimize resource utilization.


  • High Availability: If one server fails, the load balancer will automatically redirect requests to other Available servers ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Scalability: Servers can be easily added or removed to accommodate changes in demand without changing client configuration.
  • Optimize resource utilization: By evenly distributing load across multiple servers, a load balancer can improve hardware utilization and prevent a single server from being overloaded.
  • Easy to configure: Nginx's load balancing configuration is simple and intuitive, and can be easily deployed and managed.
  • Support multiple protocols: Nginx supports load balancing of HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket and other protocols.

How it works:

  1. Receive requests: Nginx listens for incoming requests and acts as a reverse proxy server.
  2. Select server: Based on predefined load balancing algorithms (such as round-robin, minimum number of connections), Nginx selects a backend server to handle the request.
  3. Forward request: Nginx forwards the request to the selected server and hides the server's details from the client.
  4. Return response: The backend server processes the request and returns the response to Nginx.
  5. Forward response: Nginx forwards the response to the client as if it came directly from Nginx itself.


Nginx’s load balancing feature enables organizations to improve the availability and reliability of web applications by distributing incoming requests among multiple servers. Scalability and resource utilization. Its ease of configuration and support for multiple protocols make it a popular choice for high-performance, reliable load balancing solutions.

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