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How to enable NFC function on Honor X50 GT?

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php Editor Banana How to enable the NFC function on the Honor X50 GT mobile phone? NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless communication technology that can transmit data over short distances between two devices. Honor X50 GT also supports NFC function, which facilitates users to make wireless payments, quickly transfer files and other operations. To turn on the NFC function, first open the settings menu of your phone, then find the "Connect and Share" option, click to enter and then find the "NFC and Payment" option, and make sure the switch is on. Next, you can use the NFC function. Remember to check the battery of your phone before use to ensure that the NFC function is functioning properly.

How to enable the NFC function on Honor X50 GT?

Method 1:

Slide out the notification panel from the status bar and light up the NFC icon. Long press the icon to enter the NFC setting interface.

荣耀X50 GT如何开启NFC功能?

Method 2:

Enter the settings of Honor X50 GT, enter more connection options, click NFC, and then turn on the NFC switch.

荣耀X50 GT如何开启NFC功能?

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