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Where to find win11ie browser

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 Where can I find the win11ie browser? Recently, a user upgraded his computer to the Win11 system, but could not find the IE browser during subsequent use. So where is the Win11ie browser? How to bring up the Win11ie browser? Let's take a look at how the editor solved it. Many friends don't know how to operate in detail. The editor has compiled the method to adjust the Win11ie browser below. If you are interested, follow the editor to take a look below!

Where to find win11ie browser

## How to bring up Win11ie browser

Answer: Win11 no longer has IE browser, you can only download it if you want.

1. According to Microsoft’s news, starting from Win11, the system will no longer have its own IE browser.

 2. If you want to use IE browser, you can re-download and install it.

 3. As we all know, there are many network option settings that need to be set in the IE browser.

 4. After canceling the IE browser, we can actually complete these settings directly in the Windows network settings.

 5. If you want to download your main browser, the editor recommends that you use other browsers because IE browser is too slow.

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