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Can uniapp develop DingTalk applets?

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With the continuous development of the mobile Internet, DingTalk, as a mobile office platform focusing on enterprise collaboration scenarios, has been widely used in various industries. The launch of the DingTalk mini program provides enterprises with a more convenient and efficient development method on the DingTalk platform.

So, can uniapp, the commonly used front-end development framework on the market, support the development of DingTalk mini programs? This article will discuss this issue and help readers understand the answer to this question as soon as possible.

First of all, we need to understand what uniapp is.

uniapp is a development tool based on the Vue.js framework, which allows developers to use a set of codes to quickly develop applications that support multiple platforms at the same time. At present, uniapp can independently develop various forms of applications such as small programs, H5, Apps, and quick applications.

The DingTalk Mini Program is an application form launched by Alibaba DingTalk. It makes full use of the advantages of the DingTalk ecosystem to help enterprises collaborate and manage more efficiently.

It can be seen that uniapp and DingTalk mini program are both in the form of an application. But is a combination of the two possible? Let us analyze it together.

First of all, uniapp has not officially announced that it can support the development of DingTalk mini programs. But for us developers, there are still some techniques we can learn from.

Normally, for different platforms, developers need to write corresponding adaptation codes in the code. In uniapp, using some specific APIs, we can achieve targeted adaptation of the code.

Currently, uniapp officially provides some API interfaces that can be used to achieve collaborative development of DingTalk mini programs:

  1. dd.onPageNotFound(callback)
    This method uses To listen for the mini program page non-existence event. That is, when calling the page jump API of the DingTalk applet, if the target page does not exist, it can be processed by triggering the onPageNotFound event.
  2. dd.setNavigationBar(options)
    This method is used to set the navigation bar of the DingTalk applet. Including functions such as setting title, background color, font color, etc.
  3. dd.showLoading(options)
    This method is used to display the loading prompt box in the DingTalk applet.

With the support of the above APIs, we can gradually implement targeted development to achieve the purpose of developing DingTalk mini programs on the uniapp platform.

However, we need to note that because DingTalk mini programs are quite different from other mini program platforms, some specific processing is still required during the development process.

For example, in uniapp, the life cycle hook of the page after the application is started is onLaunch. For the DingTalk applet, the life cycle hook of the startup page is onLoad. Therefore, corresponding code modifications need to be made according to different platforms during development.

At the same time, the DingTalk mini program is also slightly different in terms of API. For example, the request API of DingTalk mini program is also somewhat different from that of other mini program platforms. We need to carefully study the required APIs to ensure that they can be called correctly in the DingTalk mini program.

To summarize, uniapp can support the development of DingTalk mini programs through some specific APIs and adaptation techniques. Although some details require special handling during the development process, it is more convenient and efficient to develop using uniapp compared to writing DingTalk applets from scratch.

With the continuous development of technology, we believe that at some point in the future, uniapp officials will also provide corresponding support and optimization for the specific needs of DingTalk mini programs. Ultimately, we can achieve faster, more efficient, and smarter enterprise collaboration management.

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