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What does ms office mean?

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ms office refers to Microsoft Office, which is an office software suite based on the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft. Commonly used components include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

What does ms office mean?

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What does ms office mean?

ms office refers to Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office is an office software suite based on the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft. Commonly used components include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. The latest version is Microsoft 365 (Office 2019).

In March 2013, Microsoft Vice President Jeff Tepper said that Microsoft will launch an Office application code-named "Oslo" in the first half of the year. The application will support Windows 8 and be equipped with Apple iOS and Google Android mobile phones. operating system for smartphones and tablets, and held an Office launch event in New York on November 2, 2016.

Commonly used components

Each generation of Microsoft Office has more than one version, and each version selects different components based on the actual needs of users.


Microsoft Office Word is a word processing software. It is considered the main program of Office. It has a dominant share of the word processing software market. Its proprietary DOC format is respected as an industry standard, although its newer version, Word 2007, also supports an XML-based format. Word is also compatible with some versions of Microsoft Works. It is suitable for Windows and Mac platforms. Its main competitors are Writer, Star Office, Corel WordPerfect, and Apple Pages.


Microsoft Office Excel is a spreadsheet program [a software program that performs numerical and budgeting operations]. It is the earliest office component. Excel has a variety of built-in functions that can classify, sort, and even draw charts on large amounts of data. Like Microsoft office Word, it has a dominant share in the market. It started out as a competitor to the dominant Lotus 1-2-3, but eventually it outsold it in greater numbers and faster, and it became the de facto standard. It is suitable for Windows and Mac platforms. Its main competitors are Calc, Star Office, and Corel Quattro Pro.


Microsoft Office Outlook – is a personal information management program and email communication software. Takes over Microsoft Mail in Office 97. But it is different from the Outlook Express that comes with the system: it includes an email client, calendar, task manager, and address book--it has many more functions than Outlook Express. Its main competitors for email programs are Mozilla Thunderbird (Mozilla) and Eudora. Its main competitors for personal information management programs are Mozilla and Lotus Organizer. It was only available for Windows platforms (later supported for Mac); a version was also included with most handheld computers. Its corresponding program in the Mac version is Microsoft Entourage (later replaced by Outlook).


Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a presentation software designed by Microsoft Corporation. Users can not only present on a projector or computer, but also print out the presentation and make it into film for application in a wider range of fields. You can use Powerpoint not only to create presentations, but also to hold face-to-face meetings, remote meetings over the Internet, or to show presentations to an audience online. The thing created by Powerpoint is called a presentation. It is a file with the format suffix: .ppt, or it can be saved as .pdf, picture format, etc. In the 2010 and 2013 versions, it can be saved as a video format. Each page in the presentation is called a slide, and each slide is both independent and interrelated content in the presentation.


Microsoft Office FrontPage is a software for web design, production, publishing and management launched by Microsoft Corporation. FrontPage is considered an excellent tool for web page beginners due to its ease of use. However, its functions cannot meet higher requirements, so among high-end users, most use Adobe Dreamweaver as a substitute. Its main competitor is also Adobe Dreamweaver.

Canceled in Office 2007 and later versions and has no successor. Microsoft provides two solutions: Sharepoint Designer is suitable for servers with Sharepoint, and Express Web Designer is suitable for servers.


Microsoft Office OneNote enables you to capture, organize, and reuse notes on your laptop, desktop computer, or Tablet PC. It provides you with a place to store all your notes and allows you to work on them freely. OneNote 2003 also helps you capture information in a variety of ways, then organize and use it as needed. It is a new program in Office2003.

In Office 2013, it also launched a free application for iOS simultaneously. At the same time, it has also transformed into a classic Office application and is the main component of the Home Student Edition 2013.

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