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What kind of software is office software?

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Office office software is a suite of office software based on the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft. Commonly used components include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

What kind of software is office software?

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What kind of office software is it?

Microsoft Office is an office software suite based on the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft. Commonly used components include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. The latest version is Microsoft 365 (Office 2019).


Microsoft Office has versions of different systems such as Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Mac series, iOS and Android. Like other office applications, it includes federated server and Internet-based services. Versions of Office from 2007 are called "Office System" rather than "Office Suite", reflecting the fact that they include servers.

Office was originally a promotional name that appeared in the early 1990s and referred to a collection of software that had previously been sold separately. The main promotion focus at that time was: buying a collection will save a lot of money than buying individually. The original Office version included Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The "Professional Edition" included Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook did not exist at the time. Over time, Office applications became integrated and shared features such as spelling and grammar checking, OLE data integration, and the VBA scripting language. Microsoft currently extends Office as a development platform, which can be used with third-party software downloaded through a dedicated store.

Office is often the standard for creating document files, and it has some features that other products do not have, but other products also have features that Office lacks. Since Microsoft 2007 Office System, Office has adopted a new interface style called Ribbon, which is still used today.

The original version of Microsoft Office was launched in 1989 and initially ran on Apple Computer's Macintosh platform. Since Microsoft Office launched word processing, spreadsheet and presentation production software, it has been in a leading position until recent years. Starting from Microsoft Office 2013 (Office 15), more features of Office provide cross-platform support and provide programs for mobile operating systems Android and IOS. The functions are mainly available in the Desktop version. Since the release of Microsoft Office 2016, the update content of the same version number on each platform has been roughly the same.

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