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How to partition disk in win10

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How to partition a disk in win10: 1. Right-click this computer and select the management option; 2. Open Disk Management, right-click the hard disk and select the compress volume option; 3. Set the size to be compressed and click Compress That’s it.

How to partition disk in win10

#The operating environment of this article: windows10 system, thinkpad t480 computer.

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The specific steps are as follows:

First find the icon of this computer on the computer desktop, and then open this Computer, then right-click and select Manage Options.

How to partition disk in win10

After opening the management, there will be a hard disk management on the left side of the computer, click on it.

Find the hard disk, right-click, select the compress volume option to open the window to compress the hard disk, and select the partitions according to the size and quantity you need.

Enter the size you want in the compression settings, but not too small. When finished, click Compress below.

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