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How to close pop-up ads in win10

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How to turn off pop-up ads in Win10: 1. Open the search box of the Win10 system and search for [Internet Options]; 2. Click to enter [Internet Options] and switch to the [Privacy] interface; 3. Click [Settings] ], select the blocking level as needed.

How to close pop-up ads in win10

Specific method:

1. Open the win10 search box, enter "Internet Options" and enter, click "Privacy" in the window that opens "Settings" in ".

2. Start selecting the blocking level according to your needs and save.

How to disable lock screen ads?

Open the settings interface directly, and turn off the "Get tidbits, tips, and more from Windows and Cortana on the lock screen" button in the personalized lock screen interface. At this time, you can successfully turn off the lock screen ads.

How to turn off taskbar ads?

Select "System" in the "Settings" interface and cancel the "Get tips, tricks, and suggestions when using Windows" setting in Notifications and Actions.

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