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What is the mascot of golang?

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Go language is the second open source programming language released by Google in 2009. The Go language is specially optimized for programming multi-processor system applications. Programs compiled using Go can be as fast as C or C code, are more secure, and support parallel processes. But in addition to being good at handling server-side tasks, the Go language can also be used to make graphs.

What is the mascot of golang?

#What is the mascot of golang?

The mascot of the Go language is as follows, a gopher:

What is the mascot of golang?
(The gopher has no name and is only called "Go gopher". )

See here for more introduction:


Go language can currently reach c/c 80% performance, much faster than c/c compilation speed. Currently popular open source software docker, kubernetes, lxd and other software are written using go language. In 2016, Go language was named the programming language of the year. It can be seen that go The application scenarios are extraordinary.

Features of Go language

Go language ensures that it can not only achieve the security and performance of static compiled languages, but also achieve the development speed and ease of maintenance of dynamic languages. Some people Describe the Go language: Go = C Python, indicating that the Go language has the running speed of C static language programs and the rapid development of Python dynamic languages.

Go language has the following features:

1. Automatic garbage collection

The most troublesome thing about C/C is the pointer problem. If you are not careful, the pointer will be wild or out of bounds. . In Go language, you no longer have to worry about delete or free, the system will automatically recycle it.

Wild pointer: a pointer to a memory that has been released or a memory that does not have access rights (illegal access). A wild pointer points to an uncertain address space, or it points to a certain address space, but the result of the reference space is unpredictable.

Unlike null pointers, wild pointers cannot be avoided by simply determining whether they are NULL, but can only be reduced by developing good programming habits. Operating on wild pointers can easily cause program errors.

2. Functions can return multiple values

This is amazing. Most languages ​​can only return one value, but Go language can return multiple values. This feature eliminates the need for developers to rack their brains to figure out how to return a value, and there is no need to define a structure specifically for passing values.

package main //必须
import "fmt"
func myfunc02() (a, b, c int) {
    a, b, c = 111, 222, 333
func main() {
    a, b, c := myfunc02()
    fmt.Printf("a = %d, b = %d, c = %d\n", a, b, c)

3. Concurrent programming

The Go language is naturally concurrent. Only the keyword "go" is needed to execute functions concurrently, making concurrent programming simpler. This is also the biggest advantage of the Go language. The advantages.

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